Tips For Finding The Best Chicago Limo

Choosing the best limo service in Chicago can be quite challenging and here is the reason why. Chicago has several hundred limo firms and it is thus almost impossible to hire them all to compare them on the basis of dependability, quality of service, price, etc.

Obviously, you can search for the top limo services on Google but it goes without saying that the firms with the biggest advertising budget will show up at the top. Appearing at the top does not make a limo service the best one. While it may be, how can you be sure?

It all comes down to the level of service that you are after. The following are some points to consider before you hire a limo company.

– Do you have any problems with the limo being 4 to 5 years old?

– Do you want those limos that come with a well-dressed driver?
– Do you want just a clean black Lincoln Town Car?

– Does the limo company have a land-line, website, or 1800 number? Please note that you cannot have an 1800 number if you have no physical address.
– What happens in case of an accident? Does the company have commercial insurance? Is the company fully certified and insured? Is it licensed?

– What happens in case the limo you hire breaks down an hour before your scheduled pick-up?
Once you have answered these questions, you can now begin your search. The following are some 8 steps to follow when choosing the a limousines Chicago IL service.

Step 1

Make a count of the total number of people that you plan to transport. In case you are travelling with friends or family, you might consider riding together to activities or meals. While rear and middle seats in some vehicle may be okay for small children, they might be uncomfortable for adults. Choose a limo that will offer comfortable seating for all.

Step 2

Pile up all the things you plan to take, from surf boards to suitcases. Limo service websites usually list the number of average-sized bags each limo can handle. However, note that these descriptions never account for any oddly shaped or oversize items. Use the Internet to find out the total capacity you require for items you plan to take and measure the pile to ensure that it will fit.

Step 3

Conduct an Internet search for the MPG or fuel economy of the limo that you plan to hire. Hybrids usually offer the best gas mileage but are not common. Smaller limos usually offer better fuel economy than trucks or vans. Strike a balance between gas mileage and comfort when choosing a limo.

Step 4

Read about vehicle descriptions of different limo agency websites. Some companies offer various extras including GPS functionality and DVD players in their vehicles, although these may cost you a premium. Automatic transmissions and air conditioning usually comes standard in the United States. Anything extra comes at a premium. It is also advisable to find out who covers rental insurance since it is usually an expensive add-on.

Step 5

Find the best price by comparing different rental agencies and locations. You can visit aggregators online to compare prices across different agencies. Airport rental locations are often more costly than nearby branches within the same company. If you opt for a non-airport location, ensure that you factor in the cost of transportation to and from the facility. If you are below 25 years of age, expect to pay extra.

Step 6

Try to book in advance. It is also advisable to ask the company about its cancellation policy if you cancel the trip. Inquire about late hour fees, holiday surcharge, pets’ policy, number of passengers for the given rate, toll fees, extra stop fee, and taxes. Ask the company to provide a grand total for the trip everything included. While all the information might be on the company’s website, you might not have the time to read all the terms and conditions. While you are at it, you can make clarifications about anything that is not clear in the terms and conditions.

Step 7

Inquire about payment options. Ask the company upfront whether it accepts credit cards. Once you have booked a service, ask the company to send a written communication in form of a fax or email with all the details. In case you book something more expensive such as a SUV limo or Town Car, you may have to make a deposit.

Step 8

Check the limo thoroughly before you drive away. Is the limo clean? Did the company give a different limo than the one your ordered? Ensure that you ask any questions you might have before pick-up time. Conduct a walk-around inspection to check for any visible damage, and note any problem on the contract. Check whether the windows, headlights, and power steering are in perfect working order and note the operation and location of the gas tank. Never accept a limo that makes you uncomfortable in any given way.


It is a good idea to have everyone in your crowd meet up at one central location. Doing this helps you avoid extra pick-up and drop off time thus saving much time and money. Ensure that you get the cell phone number of the limo’s driver in case you need to make any alterations to the pick-up time. In the limo business, flexibility and reliability are two important elements.

The limo company should be able to provide ground transportation within 2 to 3 hours of you making the call. Do not forget to inquire about any special deals, coupons, or anything that might get you a discount.


Chicago might have hundreds of limo companies but making the right choice should be easier if you follow the tips discussed in this article. Choosing a limo company in Chicago or in any other city can be a challenging task but with the proper advice, this is no longer the case. Use the tips discussed above to choose a good Chicago limo company that will meet your needs. Happy Visiting!